Managed WordPress Hosting
Amazing speed, powerful security and a revolutionary control panel. For us, WordPress is not just a platform but our passion.

Revolutionary Control Panel:

  • Free And Easy SSL Certification Installation
  • WordPress Login In One Simple Click
  • Manage WordPress Users
  • WordPress Installation In One Click
  • Manage WordPress Plugins
  • Security Exploits Scans
  • Development Environments
  • Server Location Options Around The World
  • Manage Access Permissions For Storage
  • Professional Support From WordPress Experts

Customer Service:

Whatever you need, we’re here for you!
Our Super-Professional WordPress Support Team is available 24/7.
Plus dozens of instructional videos, written guides and a comprehensive and high-quality information center.


The people, the products, and our approach that helps you grow.

With years of experience in the hosting world, we observed the amazing growth of WordPress websites. We decided to invest all of our time, effort and ingenuity into developing a unique product that has already changed the rules of the game concerning WordPress Management Hosting.

We brought together the most sophisticated and innovative network administrators, software developers, cyber professionals, communications pundits, UX-UI designers and WordPress expert, to develop hosting solutions we dreamed of as users.

We created a revolutionary management panel that gives beginners, intermediate and advanced users a WordPress hosting experience that is fast, stable, logical and easily accessible.

Thanks to our advanced technical tools, uPress servers are secure, strong, consistent and work fast even during peak periods.

Every day our team works to improve our systems, allowing us to remain at the cutting-edge forefront of managed hosting services with an emphasis on WordPress websites.

Whatever our customers need, we are here for you. Our Super Professional WordPress Support Team is available 24/7.